Kim Richardson is a postpartum psychotherapist and licensed counselor who has helped countless new mothers get back on their feet after struggling to adjust to a new baby.

With over 20 years experience in Clinical Psychology, she specializes in diagnosing and treating postpartum depression, and helping women adjust to new motherhood. Kim has counseled families through difficult times – miscarriage, loss, fertility treatment, adoption, egg donor conception and mothering a child with special needs. Often, it is sleep disruption, sibling problems and attachment / bonding concerns that bring mothers (and fathers) to her site – looking for support and guidance. Sometimes, it is simply fear, sadness, isolation or very scary thoughts that moms need help with.

Since 2001, Kim Richardson has helped many overwhelmed, depressed and worried parents.

Kim approaches all her clients with the immediate short-term goal of relieving your troubling symptoms and improving your current situation. Focused crisis counseling is a very effective (and evidence-based method) to bring you the relief you need to think calmly and clearly, make good choices and begin to feel in control of your life again. In addition, she has spent thousands of hours helping all kinds of clients with all kinds of concerns - both face-to-face and by telephone.


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