Kim Richardson has 20 years experience in clinical private practice. She is an experienced licensed psychotherapist and certified postpartum counselor, parenting coach and mother.

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Training and Education

Educated and Licensed in the United States and in South Africa, Kim Richardson has provided psychotherapy to adolescents, children, couples and adults since her training in 1993. Her first masters degree and original professional license are Clinical Psychology. In addition she holds Professional Counseling licenses in both Illinois and Michigan, USA, as well as a master’s social work license in Michigan, USA. She has added certificates in Postpartum Depression Treatment, School Social Work, and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT)

Current Professional Licenses:

Licensed Professional Counselor, Michigan, USA
(LPC license in good standing #6401010578.)

Limited Licensed Master Social Worker, Michigan USA
(LLMSW license in good standing #6401010578)

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Illinois, USA
(LCPC license in good standing # 180004396)

Previous Professional License:
Clinical Psychologist, South Africa
 (License # PS0044016)

 While maintaining a generalized therapy practice, Kim Richardson has acquired significant experience with the following clients and issues: 

Postpartum Expertise

She received advanced certification in PERINATAL MOOD DISORDERS through Postpartum Support International. In Illinois she was actively involved in the Postpartum Depression Alliance of Illinois, maintaining their website, and staffing their Postpartum Hotline. Currently, she is listed on Spectrum Health’s Expert Postpartum Depression Provider list in Grand Rapids, MI and volunteered in the facilitation of the PPD support group at Spectrum Health, as well as the former Tears of Joy PPD support group at Holland Hospital.

Kim Richardson consults with the entire family and health providers, in order to ensure the mother is given the best support and help available to her (given geographical and other limitations that may be in place). She has helped numerous mothers overcome postpartum depression and move on to joyful relationships with their babies and children.

Parenting Coach

As an expert in the psychotherapeutic management of postpartum conditions, Kim Richardson also specializes in parent coaching and new mother coaching.

She is a  Certified Professional Life Coach through the International Coach Academy. This is an International Coach Federation accredited training, which involved 123 live teaching class hours, 60 coaching hours, 12 supervised coaching hours and written assignments and case studies.

Life Coaching is NOT a substitute for psychotherapy treatment. Yet, in skilled hands, it can be a highly effective way to address issues that do not require therapeutic intervention. Coaching over the telephone and video / audio Skype or Google talk has enabled Kim Richardson to work with Mothers in Crisis anywhere in the USA and the rest of the world.

She has conducted workshops on new motherhood and bases her model on Daniel Stern’s motherhood constellation. Her understanding of the transformation and journey into motherhood has been influenced by psychoanalytic  theorists such as Donald Winnicott, Daniel Stern, Theresa Benedek. These ideas are incorporated into a practical and easily accessible model of new motherhood.

Special Education School Social Worker

Kim Richardson spends 40 hours per week in a middle and high school working with children, teens, educators and families. She has experience with students K – 12 providing social work services, and managing a caseload of students with Individualized Education Plans. Her clients include students on the Autistic Spectrum, diagnosed with Cognitive Impairments, Learning Disabilities (verbal and non-verbal), ADHD, ADD, Emotional Issues, Social Pragmatic Difficulties, Organizational / Planning difficulties and almost any other issue students are faced with.

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