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Here are a couple of dailies:

December 11, 2009: LIVE A LIFE OF EXTREME SELF-CARE – We treat ourselves the way we want others to treat us. Our children learn how to care for themselves by watching the way we care for ourselves. If we abuse ourselves – rushing, overeating, drinking, being in toxic relationships – our children will mirror these behaviors in their own lack of self-care (Carey Sipp).”

How can you take GREAT care of yourself tomorrow?

December 12, 2009 DAILY THOUGHT: Can you define your parenting philosophy, and even your ultimate goals for parenting? Parenting can be so REACTIVE! New parents are dropped into a slew of problems to solve and choices to make, with no shortage of books and opinions on how to do it. As kids grow there are questions, unexpected discoveries, BIG surprises and lots of second-guessing of ourselves.

SO what is YOUR big picture? What do you want ultimately for your motherself and your kids?
Can you describe it in words?

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