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Written on April 26th, 2007 at 8:28 pm by Kelly


Depression can strike anyone at any time in their lives. When we think of depression and mothers, what comes to mind is postpartum depression. But, stay-at-home moms can suffer from depression as well. Learn how to keep depression from becoming an issue in your home.

Most mothers who decide to stay at home with their children will tell you that they have made no greater decision in their lives. Being present for the formative years is a once in a lifetime experience. The children benefit from having a parental presence throughout the day and the family saves money on daycare services.

Still, there are challenges that each mother has to face as a stay-at-home parent. The interaction with other adults is limited now that there is no job outside of the home. At first it may not seem like a big deal, but every woman needs a little girl talk now and again.

Stay-at-home mothers perform a job that never ends. At the end of the day your kids do not leave for elsewhere. They are already home.

Household duties still need to get done. The best times to clean is when the children are asleep and don’t need constant supervision. Then you have to clean, cook, wash clothes, and tidy up before they wake up. Moms can feel like a prisoner in their own homes.

When the days become overwhelming, depression can set in. At first, you may feel like sleeping every time the kids lay down. Then you may get easily irritated with them when they want you to play with them or if they break something. Moms could chalk these symptoms up to fatigue. Then your emotions may begin to have their way with you.

If this happens, stop and take a deep breath. Depression is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with. If your kids are getting to you, be honest about it and don’t feel guilty. We all have our breaking point without an outlet. The solution may be as simple as a bit of “mommy time”.

Resolve to make time for yourself everyday. On a beautiful day, take the kids to the park, where you can relax and they can have some free time. Invite a girlfriend you haven’t seen in a while and use the time to catch up. If she works, offer to bring a picnic lunch to accommodate her lunch hour.

Regardless of what you do, time apart for one’s self is important for everybody. Rising early in the morning for a period of meditation can change the perspective of your whole day. Paying attention to your own needs can keep the specter of depression at bay.