My children are fortunate enough never to have seen a homeless child. Isn’t that amazing? Before moving to the USA in 2000 to marry my American husband, I grew up and lived my adult life in beautiful South Africa.  I have witnessed unspeakable levels of poverty and sadly, hundreds of street children.

I have been meaning to have my children be part of sponsoring a child for a  long time. On Friday I clicked on World Vision’s website and my oldest daughter chose a little girl to sponsor. I wanted to sponsor a child from SA since it is my home country, and I was hoping that my daughter (aged 8 ) would choose a child at school who could write to her. I imagined them writing letters and learning about each other, and that we would visit “our” child and perhaps this child one day might even come to visit us.

But my daughter fell in love with a photo of a little girl aged 6 who is not yet at school and who lives with her grandmother in an area serevely affected by AIDS.  I don’t know if we will ever meet our little sponsee whose eyes contain far too much sorrow for such a little person to be carrying. But I hope our contribution can make a difference to her and her grandmother’s life.

If you have an extra $35 each month, or that amount that you can spare, go to World Vision’s site and make a difference in a child’s life. If your child does not live in an HIV affected area, I think sponsorship is $30 per month. There are also organizations where you can sponsor a child for about $25 per month.


3 thoughts on “Sponsor a child – you can make a difference

  1. I have a Compassion International boy in the Dominican Republic and had the chance to vist him and see the tremendous impact support can have on the entire family! PTL!

    • Thanks for your comment, Gary, and how wonderful you could actually go and see the results of your kindness and making a difference to a family.

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